Surimi sushi sticks 500g MSC

    Chilled surimi sticks with crab flavour pasteurized. Surimi 40%, without gluten, soya, glutamate.

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    Sushi with surimi SUSHI sticks. Boil the rice, add the rice vinegar. Chop vegetables, prepare crab sticks. Take a bamboo mat, put the sushi nori leaf with the glossy edge on the bottom, put chilled rice on top, flatten, then follow the crab sticks, fresh cheese and vegetables (cucumber, paprika, etc.), roll the sushi rolls tightly. When ready, cut with a sharp knife into 3-4 cm thick pieces. Eat with soy sauce mixed with very little wasabi paste.

    Weight 12 kg
    Dimensions 7 × 8 × 19 cm

    Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Yellow

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