Japanese Crab sticks Tofu Dumplings

23 January 2019 0 Comments

You can put any vegetables, seafood and minced meat in Tofu. This dumplings with crab sticks are so tasty.


200 g hard type Tofu
50 g Crab sticks
1 dried mushroom
30 g young bamboo
20 g onion
1 teaspoon grind ginger
2 tablespoon starch(any starch)
to taste Salt


  1. Drain Tofu
  2. Ingredients. Now this is the season of young bamboo(April).
  3. Cut vegetables very small.
  4. Mix all and seasonings with hand. And make small balls
  5. Fry in 2cm deep oil till good brown.
  6. Eat with your favorite sauce.

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