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Good and quality products made with care and love.

Founded in 2003, Atlantika Surimi Seafood is a 100% Latvian Capital owned Company. With headquarters and production site located in Mucenieki, Ropazu County, Latvia.

The main products:surimi and hummus: -chilled and frozen fish products: surimi sticks, surimi meat, surimi bites, sushi sticks, surimi salmon sticks, and surimi noodles. There also MSC and KOSHER products. -hummus (turkish pea or bean paste with sesame and topped with spices) Factory use Japanese surimi production lines and technology adapted to the taste and quality of Europe.

Since the very beginning, our Company has been dedicated to offering its customers high-quality products, therefore offering gluten free and soya free products. Each product recipe can be adapted to individual client needs and demands. Social responsibility and sustainability are inherent in our Company’s approach to the way we work, carefully adhering to industry best practices and by daily improving our efforts, to show results that earn the trust of our customers and consumers. We want our cooperation partners as well as consumers to know how fully committed we are to provide the marketplace with the highest quality, sustainable products now and into the future. The work to ensure sustainability is continuous. Atlantika Surimi Seafood has its own brand “Atlantika” and many famous private labels. The company exports 95% of its products to various Countries such as: Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, France, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and of course is constantly looking for new cooperation possibilities and Markets to promote its products. You can meet our team of professionals at various International Exhibitions around the World, please check our News section. Quality: In Spring 2020, we are planning the IFS certification.

Our quality certificates.

We take care of high quality products, so carefully choose raw material suppliers and check the conformity of the final product has high requirements. On our products you will find a combination of excellent taste and high quality.

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